You are kindly invited to visit Bovec airield and the emerald river Soča valley.We wish You a lot of pleasure and plenty of unforgettable soaring moments on the sky of Julian Alps.


Bovec airfield- late May of 2011 (Photo:David Štulc Zornik)


Notices - News

You have landed on the Bovec airfield webpage.We'll be very glad to leave any comments, suggestions, complaints, etc in our Guest book.

Our friend Luka Žnidaršič (LZ) has flown over the Bovec airfield surroundings and during the flight he filmed this wonderful video.

The gliding season 2014 has already started.Piper Supercub and our ground team are waiting for You again.We are ready! :-) Welcome in LJBO Bovec airfield!
You are kindly requested to announce Your arrivals in advance, especially before and after the main season(July or August).

This amazing video has been taken from the our new friends from Germany on April 2011!