Bovec airfield - Basic data

ICAO-Code Radio frequency Languages Flying activities
LJBO 123.50 MHz Blind transmission obligatory! Slovenian,English,German Powered flying,Gliding,Parachuting&Skydiving,ULM, RC flying
Province Airfield position Altitude of airfield  RWY
Northern Primorska Extreme northwest of Slovenia near the border with Italy, in the Soca River valley, 500 m south from the town of Bovec 1424ft / 434 m 07- 25, 850 x 40m, Grass Max.load. 6 t;
Summer schedule (1.4. - 31.10.) Winter schedule (1.11. -31.3.) Arrivals out of schedules Fuel - Price in €*
Every day,prior 2 hours announcement/request  from 9:00 to 19:00 (PPR)No announcement/request needed on Saturdays,Sundays or feast days in Slovenia Every day prior 2 hours announcement/request.In the case of snow it is obligatory to contact the airfield holder (PPR) or/and respect the current NOTAM releases Possible(prior 2 hours announcement/request and confirmation PPR) or/and respect the current NOTAM releases 100LL: not available
JET A1: available
MOGAS 100 oktane: available
Telephone airfield Fax Homepage, E-Mail GPS Coordinates
Airfield holder: +386 (0)51 661 003  -
46°19'47.66", 13°33'5.24"